How To Make A Woman Orgasm Quicker

You should concentrate more on the act of lovemaking or sexual intercourse and avoid negative things. The following five simple methods will allow you to make a woman orgasm quicker during sex. The knowledge of how to satisfy her even if you have premature ejaculation will make your thoughts much more organized and make you feel more comfortable about what you are going to do the next time you get in bed with a woman.

5 methods to make a woman orgasm

Enhance the grip: The woman has to flex her pelvic muscle during the sexual intercourse so that both she and you can achieve greater pleasure. She can contract her vaginal muscle to create greater contact with the penis leading to clitoral stimulation. Squeezing each other’s sex organ parts without so much pumping creates a wonderful sensation for both partners leading to amazing pleasure.

Woman on top is the best position to last longer in bed for man and make a woman orgasm
The woman on top: This position can be done while the man is sitting on the bed and the woman on top of his lap. Facing each other, it allows the woman to adjust her pelvis so that she can control the friction of the penis against her G-spot. There will be a deeper thrusting in the vagina that can stimulate the cervix and provide her with excellent sensation. It can also give another sensation while the lower tummy is caressing her clitoris. This position makes the intercourse pleasurable and leads to an ecstatic orgasm.

The missionary position: Focuses on the position of the woman’s body. The woman has to lie on her back with her pelvis tilted upward. This can be done by letting the man raise the woman’s buttocks with his hands or by putting one or more pillows underneath the lower back. This missionary position is done with full pelvic tilt and gives the ability to reach directly to the G-spot and be more concentrated on the protruding clitoris.

Tighten-up your legs:When the man inserts his penis into the vagina, the lady can squeeze her upper hips to keep the vagina closed as much as possible. Making the man lay over the woman with his legs outside hers will squeeze her thighs further producing a closer skin to skin contact that creates friction from the penis and lead to clitoral orgasm. It is better if the woman pushes her pelvis forward inviting touch pressure on her clitoris.

Penis curvature: An upward curve is the ideal shape of a penis because in the missionary position an upward curving penis can stimulate the G-spot. However, a penis curved to the left or right side can also touch the G-spot area by having the proper position in sexual intercourse. It is just a matter of inserting the penis to the vagina to purposely touch the G-spot area. Both partners can face each other in a perpendicular manner according to the left or right curve of the penis. This method also gives the same sexual impact to achieve orgasm. However, if the penis is curved downward a doggy style position is ideal. Also you can lie down and place her on top of you so that her buttocks will be in front of your eyes, this is known as the reverse cowgirl position and it’s very pleasing for both men and women.

When both of you can achieve orgasm, you both win. Sexual intercourse is just like food that gives pleasure in eating, but its main purpose is to nourish the body. Which means, sexual intercourse gives pleasure to the body, but its real purpose is to nourish the mind and the spirit enriching the bond between the partners.

Sex is a great thing but most of the time misunderstood because sometimes people think that the main purpose in sexual intercourse is to bring one another to an orgasmic state, and that’s not the case. That’s not what the goal of a man and woman should be, rather it should be the whole experience. Concentrate on the whole process and not on the final part of it (orgasm) and you’ll discover that by shifting your focus (changing the image in your mind), you’ll be able to last much longer in bed and make a woman orgasm quicker.

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