How to Give a Body Rubs

So, how to give a body rubs? Body rubs at Vegas Massage Girls allow you to enjoy the pleasure of connecting through touch, and we know it’s not always possible to arrange for a professional body rubs. So we decided to share a few tips for you to be able to give your partner or lover a great body rubs! Always wanted to know how to give a body rubs? It’s not difficult to learn. The most important element is that the desire to learn and a willingness to just try it. Firstly, make sure you have a warm, safe, and comfortable place to give your body rub. Your own bedroom or a hotel room is a good location for this. You want to make sure the entire time spent massaging is interruption free, so turn (all) your mobile phones on silent and if you need to get a good babysitter for the evening. A good body rubs between lovers should be mutual, so you’re also going to want to try to ensure that you have a sufficient length of time to give each other a good body rub. We would recommend at least 1 hour each so 2 hours total massaging time as a minimum.

07Start the body rub process by protecting your bedsheets or carpets with towels or an old sheet than you can easily wash. Oily massage can often get messy, especially if you’re new to body rubs. It’s easy to accidentally spill an oil bottle so try to keep it somewhere safe and upright if possible. Set a nice atmosphere in the room by dimming the lights, lighting some candles (please be careful with where you place the candles as you don’t want any accidents), and putting on some soft and unobtrusive music. Our favourite album at the moment for giving massages is the “Chilled Afterhours” album by Ministry of Sound.

Warm up the oil you’re going to use in a bowl of hot water for about 2 minutes before each massage, and always put the oil either on your hands or your own body first rather than dripping it onto your partner’s body as that can feel uncomfortable. Vegas Massage Girls highly recommend PJUR Bodyglide Silicon oil or another brand of Silicon oil when giving body rubs as it is unscented, hypoallergenic, and has a very pleasing feel for both giver and receiver.

It is best to start your massage with your partner laying on their stomach so that you can massage the back of their body first. Begin with light, feathery strokes all over their back but be careful not to tickle your lover. You can even try using an ostrich feather or marabou feathers to lightly stroke your partner with before using any oil. Hair also feels nice when gently grazed across the body, and you can use your breath to progressively arouse your lover by breathing slowly onto their skin.

After you have spent some time teasing your partner with a delicate soft touch, put some oil in your hands and rub them together. Then you should smooth the oil across the skin. Try doing the back first, and don’t put too much pressure – this is supposed to be a sexy massage, not a sports massage. Use gentle sweeping motions to cover your lover with oil, caressing them with a loving touch and positive intentions. Don’t go straight for the typically “erogenous” zones such as the ears or private areas first. Let your lover build up some erotic anticipation by touching them everywhere except where they would most like to be touched. Gently stroke the whole of the back of their body, including their back, neck, head, arms, hands, buttocks, legs, and feet. The back of the body holds a lot of tension and as such your lover will really appreciate you paying it a lot of attention. Make sure that everything you do to one limb (such as the right arm) you also do to the other (like the left arm) so that no body part feels unbalanced or left out.08
Ask your lover to turn over, and then proceed to massage the front of their body, without going straight to the more private areas like the lingam or the yoni. Again, put the oil in your hands before smoothing it onto their body. Try long strokes up the insides of the thighs and up the sides of the ribs, as these are very delicate and sensitive areas that respond well to touch. Remember to pay attention to all parts of your lovers body, including their stomach, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and finally their lingam or yoni. When you have made your lover very excited, it is the right time to also incorporate the lingam or yoni massage. Depending on preference, you can also perform a sacred spot massage for your lover once you have massaged the rest of the body.

Once you have given a few body rubs to your lover, you might want to try something new and exciting. The best thing to try if you want to experiment with a new nude massage technique is to order some of the special Japanese “Nuru Gel” so that you and your partner can give nuru massage a try. There are lots of great videos around the web that can act as inspiration for you and your partner, so have a little look and try out giving each other an body rubs tonight.

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