Why I like to Watch

Sometimes I feel, as a female, its easy to get play. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love playing! I love how my senses heighten. I love having the soft skin of a hard body rub against me. I love being filled over and over, in and out. There’s a certain vulnerability you feel placing yourself fully in someones else’s hands. Allowing then to take over your body and, in a way, dominate your space. In the end I am embraced by my shivers and trembles as reality slowly seeps back into me. So yes, I do love play!

Now when I restrict myself to just watching, a whole other flow of emotions settle in. The biggest of all is ‘want’. I want what I see. And I want it bad! I want someone grazing their hands along my breasts, pinching my pierced nipples. I want to feel the warm air from your mouth as you whisper in my ear. I want to rub my engorged clit on your thigh. I want to feel the tickle of your fingers between my legs. I want to feel filled up and full. Instead, when I am only watching, I feel the air squeezing at me as I keep my hands to myself. My insides start to tickle itself. My senses heighten more as I long to be touched. I start to feel desperate. It’s humbling. The build up inside me grows, making me very uncomfortable. I’m jonesing. It grows and grows and I want to climax. But I just can’t without being touched. If I decide to walk away at this point, I am unsatisfied, yet I feel a sense of relief. The intensity dies down and I can breath again. However, if i decide to join in the fun, its like fireworks on the fourth of July…again and again and again. I don’t feel embraced, I feel engulfed. Like I’m drowning in a sea of OMG!

So this is the root of me wanting to throw a sex party. I am creating a space that will offer me variety, eye candy, emotions, music…I am creating a space that will offer you variety, eye candy, emotions, music.

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