Things You Should Know About Vibrators

Vibrators. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some vibrators have a more phallic shape, while others are simple in a round shape. Vibrators can be as large as a person’s arm, or as small as a pink eraser. Vibrators can all come in a variety of materials that makes some very body safe. No matter what the size or shape of the vibrator, the main purpose is to provide pleasure to one, both, or all partners in the bedroom.


Many people believe that vibrators are only used by women for self-pleasure or for solo masturbation. Another common belief is that vibrators are used by women who are single, or not in a relationship. However all of the above are misconceptions, as vibrators can be used by anyone, at any time, no matter their relationship status, or their gender. Within the past decade, vibrators have evolved into something that was exclusively used alone and by just females, to something that can be interactive, used without cords, and even used by two people, at once. One brand of vibrators that has recently taken over the market as one of the best selling brands is Lelo.

Lelo vibrators are some of the best vibrators on the market due to their craftsmanship, versatility, and simplistic, yet complex enough to provide the ultimate pleasure for everyone involve. Lelo vibrators are made with a skin-safe, special type of silicone that is less degradable than many other materials on the market. Many of the vibrators by Lelo, runs on batteries while still being rechargeable, and are very silent while on. There are more than eight different types of Lelo vibrators, making it easy to find a personal favorite. Since the material used is a special type of silicone, water-based lubricants are the only lubricants compatible with these vibrators. If looking for a high class, fun vibrator, Lelo is the brand to go for.

Phallic vibrators make up much of the market of vibrators on the market today. However, more than 50% of women need some type of clitoral stimulation in order to reach an orgasm. While there are still more phallic vibrators on the market, there is still a good portion of vibrators that cater just to the need of clitoral stimulation. One of the most common clitoral stimulation only vibrators is the magic wand. There are many different makers of the magic wand, but they all provide the same effect. Magic wand vibrators provide an intense sensation that can be enjoyed alone, or with another person. Another use for a magic wand vibrator is a personal body massager, due to it’s strong and deep massaging head. If looking for a deep and pleasurable vibrator, a magic wand is the toy to buy.

Aside from those two types of vibrators, there are many other vibrators out there on the market. There is a vibrator that simulates the act of oral sex, a vibrator that reaches the female g-spot, and a vibrator that combines both aspects of a phallic vibrator and a clitoral vibrator called the rabbit vibrator. Bullet vibrators are inserted in the vagina, and can be even be controlled by a remote control a few feet away. Bullet vibrators are great for couples, and for hidden play, as they are not seen, and can be used virtually anywhere.

Vibrators are a great way to add some fun and excitement to everyday bedroom life. The materials used in many of today’s vibrators are better for use, and shows less wear and tear than vibrators in the past. Using a vibrator as a couple creates life, and can add passion back into the relationship. Whether you want something simple and easy to use, or something big and powerful, there is a vibrator for you.

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