Fun in the Bedroom! All the Toys You Need

Sex toys can make your life in the bedroom a whole lot more interesting, and they don’t have to be seen as a replacement for a partner. In fact, you should be comfortable thinking of sex toys as a way to spice up your love life with your partner or alone.

However, even if you have the right attitude toward sex toys it can be difficult to know which ones you should be buying. After all, there are so many out there it can feel a little crazy when you start shopping in a store or online.

That’s why we’ve put this guide together for you. Use it to help you pick out the sex toys that seem the most fun, from the beginning player to the solo player to the more advanced couples out there looking to have some real fun in the sheets.

Cock Rings

One of the simplest and most fun toys guys can buy to spice up their sex life is the cock ring. Designed to help keep a man’s erection fuller, harder and longer, cock rings are the ultimate accessory in the bedroom. In fact, you also find that your partner likes the look of a cock ring when you’re wearing it.

Cock rings come made in all sorts of materials. When you first buy one you’re going to want one made out of silicone so you can use the stretchy material to figure out what size is right for you.

When you’re a little more advanced or if you already know which cock ring size fits you, go ahead and order one that’s made of aluminum or glass. You can also pair cock rings with ball weights of the same material for a unique look and feel.


Dildos are the great sex toy that almost everybody who plays with them owns. Dildos can be used by men and women and since they come in a variety of different sizes they can be anything you want them to be.

Best of all, dildos can easily be used alone or with a partner. Whether you’re partner is tired or you’re just putting a on a show, using a dildo can be a very fun and entertaining experience that allows you to try something new.

Start small if you’ve never played with dildos since they aren’t quite like human skin.

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